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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Overcoming Fears....

We headed to Arlington, Va this weekend to try to catch some of Jenny from Little Green Notebook's amazing deals! However, it seems that we were too late! Once we got there, we found out that people were lined up before it even opened in order to get her great furniture! It must have been a madhouse. It seems that nobody was arrested and the morning ended on good terms! haha, it sounded brutal though. I am sorry we missed out, but so happy I didn't have to do any hair pulling. That would have been an unfortunate way to start my weekend!

So, it seems that I jumped the gun with my "after" of the picture frame. I did repaint the matting, and liked it, but there was still something missing! So, another run to home depot for more spray paint was just what I needed.  I must admit, it is sad that when I walk into Home Depot, I get, "You are back again!" and "Are you working here now?" I have started trying to alternate between the two home depots near us. Anyhow, here we go! With a little drama because of my impatience, the frame is now finished (well, i may have to do a little touch up, but it is okay for now).

Well, the reflection in this is not great, but you get the idea! Love the white with the green! Makes the picture!

And the chairs from before....Well, with much debate, I went with yellow for the 2nd chair. After seeing this yellow and brown from Blue Hydrangea, I decided it would be the perfect addition for our brown guest room! To make this happen, I must first overcome my fear of bright colors! The first few sprays were traumatic! However, it grew on me as I kept spraying, and I am happy with the end result!

So here we go! 
Before...not in very good shape! 

And AFTER! So happy with the yellow and brown! 


Now, I just need to find the perfect fabric for a pillow! This fits just perfectly in the corner of our guest room! I will post pictures of the finished room a little later!

So, I need another project.... I was thinking about painting this side table, but I think that I will hold off in hopes of getting new living room furniture soon!  But, to paint or not to paint....that is the question....


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