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Friday, August 13, 2010

Over The Hump!

    As I sat in day 2 of University of Maryland School of Nursing orientation, I was so glad it was "them" in those seats instead of me! I know, I know, that is horrible to say, but it is true. I remember those stomach-cherning feelings as everyone tells you the first semester as they remember it. Last year, as I sat in the breezy auditorium, I did not know if I should be excited for starting a new path or if I would have emotional breakdown and run screaming. While, I did not have a breakdown, plenty came as the semester went on. This year, I was similarly uncomfortable, but for other reasons. I was at the front, I was having to speak. Those of you who know me, know that I turn bright red and break out in hives at the drop of a hat. So, this is not something that I would typically do. However, it is time to step out of the box and push myself. I was actually quite proud of myself. It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I could definitely empathize with those feeling completely overwhelmed! I must say though, I was so happy to be over the first semester "hump" and on to a new, ridiculous, stressful semester ahead. I am ready to get back in the hospital. I say that now, I know, but wait for a blog in the coming months. There will be a much different sentiment attached to clinicals I am sure. But for now, I need to get back into the lab and practice for the upcoming "boothcamp" (a name given by the instructors, not me). So the terror of the semester has not set in quite yet, but give it time.

    Anyhow, I had a few projects this past week and have a few things that need to be tackled this weekend.  I realized after my 2nd coat of paint on a lamp that I should have taken a few photos before. I did paint a lamp and a calendar this week. The whiteboard calendar was black and got a coat of green to go in the navy blue room, and the lamp was painted white and boy, what a difference! So happy with the outcome! But, now I am itching for another project so I will probably paint the god-awful tv stand that we have had for years and considering painting the leaning bookshelves and desk that have found a new home. That is right, I am now tying this in my office! An office I share with 2 dog crates, but an office nonetheless. And now the hunt for living room projects ensues.  I would love to find a great console on craigslist to re-do! Granted, I want all these projects, but the reality is that school basically starts next week, and I will have NO time for all of this. But it is good in theory! recover the couch???

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