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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Rundown

      So, you can not say that I didn't warn you. I made it public knowledge that once school started, my postings would be few and far between. I suppose that I failed to mention that "few and far between" really means "see ya!" Needless to say, life has been crazy since August. But now that the craziness is over, I am a senior!! Only 7.5 years after high school graduation, I am in my final year of college. It is about time! However, I have had a lot of adventures in those 7.5 years, and would not trade them for graduating any earlier. It is nice to know that at least one portion of my education is quickly coming to a close.

      This semester was all consuming. Between classes, 180 hours of clinical, teaching guided study sessions, and tutoring, I spent little time at home. It is one more semester down though, and that feels so good to say. The upcoming semester will prove to be no easier. Next week starts orientation for the new students. How has my break gone by so quickly? I will be helping with orientation, tutoring, taking 17 hours and doing clinicals two days a week for three classes. Looks like the lack of blogging will continue.

      Here is a quick summary of our last 6 months or so in pictures....

Cath lab holding an old pacemaker that was taken out and replaced weekend, I refused to open a book or think about school work and took on the TV stand project! I was so sick of looking at this horrible thing that migrated from Italy with us. I am not sure how it made the trip! As it looked horrid! Instead of buying a new one, I thought that I would try a make-over first. This picture was during the sanding process. 

And it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! A little paint and some new Anthropologie knobs made it as good as new.

We took a trip to the Maryland State Fair with some good friends that moved to the area!! So happy they moved, so sad that we never see them! 

The boys devoured some turkey legs for lunch!

Isaac turned 1!! And was just ready to eat his cupcake and treats.

We got a new foster dog...Klu. He is sweet and full of energy. As of now, he is still a part of our family, but we are looking for a good home for him.

Leale did another DockDogs event. Note to self: Do not enter her in any competition after summer as it is too cold and she will refuse to jump after 1 or 2 times in the water!

Somewhere in between was Thanksgiving. The in-laws came and took a trip up to Connecticut with Andrei while I stayed home with all the pups and wrote a paper.

We completed our 2nd semester in nursing school!! This of course called for a celebration! What says happy senior year more than wine and cheese fries???

Christmas came and went.....

And we rang in the new year with friends in downtown Annapolis

Some more festive than others!

And to complete our year, we found a new house! We are renting for another year so that I can finish up school, but are super excited to be moving. Okay, well maybe "super excited" is pushing it. Actually it is really pushing it. I will miss my daily run along the beach, but am sure I can find other trails at the new house.

So here it is!

So....Happy 2011 Everyone! May this be the best year yet!