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Friday, August 6, 2010

Break time....

While I am taking a quick break and letting my primer dry, I thought that I would just write a few notes. Since I am a self-proclaimed obsessive blog reader, I have realized that I am not alone. We should really have groups for this sickness. It has gotten out of control, and I feel like I will go through some serious withdraw when I start school back. Fortunately, I think that between studying, I must still make time for my daily reads. Anyway, another thing that I have realized is how much a little color changes things dramatically. For instance, I had a sketching that I picked up in Amsterdam a few years ago. I had it in a general black frame (which I still may paint white) and white matting. I read a blog somewhere recently that suggested spray painting matting in frames. I had never even thought about that! So, I tried it out on a picture I got in Paris that I HATED the white matting in. For my first venture, I started out safe. I spray painted the matting black, and what a difference!! So today, for my Amsterdam picture I got a little bit more I am currently in LOVE with kelly green, and am now re-thinking my white chair. Maybe green was the way to go??? I don't have it in me to take poly off today, not after all I did to get it in every nook of that chair! So, all that to say I love the way the matting turned out. A great improvement if I do say so myself. Please excuse the lighting!


And After! 

Again, the lighting was not very good as every time the windows were open, all you could see was the reflection of light, but you get the general concept. Again, may even paint the frame white to make it pop a little more. 

A few other things I have fallen for at Ikea recently....

With fabric for $6.99/yard, how can you say no?? It would be a great pillow! Love the legs on the dressing table too. It would make a great desk in my office, however it may need a coat of paint or two!

Well, I suppose I should check on that chair outside drying....

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